Google Judges Your Content

Google uses the content on your website to understand what you offer, who you serve, where you are located, your value and a long list of other attributes using an algorithm that would make a PhD at MIT cry. The bottom line: if your website is not telling google (search requests) that you are the answer to a solution, no one will ever know.

MIlkadamia is a macadamia nut based alternative dairy company. The only macadamia alt-milk company. Being the one and only macadamia alt-milk company certainly has advantages. They ranked in the top 5 SERP for all searches related to their product and name. Great. The challenge was they ranked no where ever to be found for how consumers search for an alt-milk product. Why? Because the content on their website content was 90% about their product and not about what matter to a consumer. Taste. Lifestyle and Versatility.

BBM was engaged to re-write the copy lacing keywords that their target audience was using in search to find an alt-milk solution. We targeted the most common 50 keywords and phrases, lacing them into current content and adding new content directly addressing the questions consumers were asking before they made a product choice. Traffic grew 50%. More importantly paid search ROI went from 60% to 250%. Details matter in search. The more intelligence applied the better the outcome.


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