• Mick Fagle

Optimize Content for Buyers

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Your customers use simple, easy, language in search. So you should too.

Keep it Stupidly Simple. Most buyers don't use complex, industry specific jargon when searching for answers. Not unless they are experts. And believe me 90% of them are not experts. They use simple, easy keyword phrases. Why? Because most buyers are in a hurry or in the early stages of research or don't want to overthink it. Never assume your buyer knows as much as you.

Client Example. We have a wonderful client who produces and markets Chinese medicinal powders for better living. Think joint, digestion, sleep powders and teas. They offer a unique blend of western modern medicine mixed with traditional Chinese formulas. I lived in Shanghai for years and can personally attest to how utterly terrible these traditional powders taste. It's like drinking donkey butts. John and his partners somehow managed to yield a nice taste without losing the proven benefit. The Miller Lite of Chinese medicine.

Uh-Oh No Sales. Only the extreme enthusiasts understood the value. The extreme enthusiasts loved the product line. Yoga studios and massage therapists and PT's pushed it down the chain. But D2C sales were negligible. Why? What was not resonating? Why did the free trials and free product offers fail? Because no one who was searching for Chinese+western medicine powders ever found them. The over complicated the content.

If you make a great product and no one knows does it exist? Our client were using advanced medical terms to describe their products. Crazy unpronounceable 17 letter medical words stringed together. Impressive? Yes. SEO friendly? Heck no. Why did they do this? Because they had studied this field for ten years. They were experts. These were the words they used daily. No consumer target ever used those words. They used words like ginseng, digestive health, natural sleep remedies that taste good.

Solution. We benchmarked the hell out of competitors (we learned from the best), conducted deep analysis using SEMRush, designed a new brand identity and messaging. Keeping some of the adorable super geek speak while mixing in simple descriptions. We used paid search to gain traffic and offered promotions based on keywords and campaigns. Traffic went from 4k a month to 25k a month in six months. Retention rates zoomed to 40%.

Words Matters. You kindergarten teacher did know best. Of course she didn't know about SEO. Put yourself in the buyers place. They are not experts. They are people looking for help, a product or researching options. So design your content with keywords and phrases that provide a simple explanation, an easy how-to and why-would-you approach works. Complexity cuts out any buyers except the most extreme enthusiasts. Those folks are great customers but they won't pay the bills. The hardest most sought after marketing content is simple+elegant.

What next? Audit your content, keywords and phrases. What is working, what are the competitors doing well and where are your gaps. Then create a plan to close the gaps. Or you could just call us.

Thanks, Mick